a healthy work-culture IS A COMPANY LIFE-STYLE

to work better, we need to be on the edge of innovation, not the edge of exhaustion.

Work should not be unhealthy and company wellness has never been more important. To perform we push harder and harder to do more and more and in order to keep up with the pace at work, we put ourselves last. The challenge for the modern leader is to support people in doing their best work. Too many companies are struggling with a culture running on stress, leadership fatigue, team-disengagement, burnout and talent-loss, instead of a culture that is built on self-care and working healthy, where people feel they matter and want to engage. A culture that nourishes trust and a safe environment for everyone to thrive is one that brings self-care to work. 

Is your work-culture supporting people
in doing their best work?

If you are looking to bring a fresh perspective to fueling your team and leaders, then you’ve found the right person in Jeanette.
— Mike Ganino, Culture + Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker and Author of Culture for Dummies.

Burnout prevention

The workforce today is changing and their demands about how work feeds them is changing with it. The millennials are looking for companies with a healthy work culture where they can thrive and the aging workforce is looking for ways to keep up. 

To have a thriving business, think thriving employees and thriving leaders. We simply cannot do our best work without self-care. We can all agree that a happy employee is the best employee. We want to grow people, but that is not just about giving them more responsibility, it is about supporting them in being able to handle it.

let's shift from survival mode to performance mode.

Almost 50% of the workforce leave their jobs because of stress, and according to the State of the American Manager report, "Managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores."

Stress isn't working.

Companies today need to support their people in doing their best work because our human resource is still our best resource, that means giving them the tools, the permission and the corporate culture for self-care to be the foundation for fueling our day-to-day performance. 

The growth and success of a company is directly connected with the health and happiness of its people. What if, instead of just surviving every day, we took better care of ourselves? 

That includes creating an environment where work-life balance is not something we do after work, it is something we do at work. It is how we work, nourished. 

What will nourish your company culture to do its best work?

The Path For Life company wellness program is built as one monthly in-house group training with a personal online health program for each employee. Learn more about the online program here.

It is based on the result driven 9-step Path for Life Program that creates change and transformation by integrating the 3-key ingredients for sustainable health and wellness.  

  1. The food-knowledge that we need to learn how food is a tool for performance and wellbeing.
  2. The mindfulness that we need to learn what drives our choices and how to change habits.
  3. The habit-shifting tools to create sustainable new habits that lead to both daily and future health and fuels performance from the inside out.  

The online program functions as a health benefit and support / learning system for each employee and is the material that will be used if you choose to include monthly workshops at your office. The program runs for 9 months.

Each workshop builds on the previous to create sustainable change and develop the knowledge and the tools of self-care to master stress and anxiety and gain increase performance through health and wellness, enhance focus and engagement, motivation, mental resilience and emotional intelligence. In short - thrive. 

My mission is to help everyone work and perform better, have more joy in their lives and be healthy. That takes self-care.