leadership today needs to be on the edge of innovation, not the edge of exhaustion.

We tend to believe that the harried, workaholic who is constantly busy and buzzed on coffee is on the way to the top. Or the leader who never stops, gets the most results. In reality, that beleaguered, over-caffeinated, exhausted leader is more likely on the way to a health crisis rather than performing and managing their time and their teams, effectively. 

If we don't take care of ourselves and thrive, we cannot lead others to thrive either. Even though time is the new currency, self-care is not where to save time. When a leader is nourished, it encourages an environment of motivation, care, engagement and healthy self-esteem for everyone. Leadership today is about relationships, trust, and inspired engagement. 

I work with leaders and executives one-on-one in a result-driven coaching model, to help them develop a structure that supports their daily physical, emotional and spiritual health and fuels a leadership and performance, built on a strong foundation that is both sustainable and encourages innovation and growth.

Without self-care we are pushing forward everyday on survival mode and not only do we suffer, the whole team suffers, and the business does too. Work-life balance is not something we do after work, it is something we do at work in order to work, perform and thrive, better. 

We can have it all when self-care is the foundation for how we work. 

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