a people driven company needs healthy leaders.

I work with leaders and executives one-on-one in a result and purpose-driven coaching model, to help them take better care of themselves AT work, so they can perform at their best, prevent burnout and be better leaders.

We tend to believe that the harried, workaholic who is constantly busy and buzzed on coffee is on the way to the top. Or the leader who never stops, gets the most results. In reality, that beleaguered, over-caffeinated, exhausted leader is more likely on the way to a health crisis rather than performing at their best or managing their time and their teams effectively. 

A high-performing leader has a strong foundation of CARE™ that supports physical, emotional and mental resilience.

70% of people don't leave companies, they leave bosses. 


Think - Engage - Act is a model that helps transform information into knowledge and action to achieve peak performance, optimal focus and attention, engaged leadership, and of course optimal health. 

  • Develop a structure that supports physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health AT work.

  • Create a routine that supports and fuels optimal leadership and peak performance.

  • Build a strong foundation of leadership and performance self-care habits.

  • Apply active mindfulness to create success that is both sustainable and encourages a culture of care, innovation and growth.

  • Achieve work/life integration for longterm health and sustainable success.

If we don't take care of ourselves and thrive, we cannot lead others to thrive either. Even though time is the new currency, leadership self-care at work is not where to save time.

When a leader is nourished, it encourages an environment of motivation, care, engagement and healthy self-esteem for everyone. Leadership today is about nourishing relationships, trust and inspired engagement. 

Working with Jeanette has helped me master my energy, focus and stress. I’ve brought her into my company and it has made a difference for all of us in the conversation of bringing our best to our work and most important, life.
— Danielle, Director of Loyalty Programs.

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