OUR best resource is still the human resource  

We get to work and we forget all about ourselves, or we don't have time, or we don't have access to proper food, breaks and pauses to assimilate and digest, not just what we eat, but everything we take in all day. We get on survival mode and the whole team pushes forward. Before the end of the day everyone is tired, irritable and impatient and just looking forward to getting a break. That break is to go home and "treat" ourselves, disconnect and recover from the day. But do we? What if we could feel great all day and give it our best, not our all? Most businesses today have a corporate culture of survival, where the team goes home at night exhausted and drained. Going home to refuel and retreat, but for most that means overeating, perhaps a drink too many, TV too late into the night, because we long for a little self-time, where we can forget the stress of the day. Then next morning it starts again, getting up tired with only a cup of coffee to get us going. That is the corporate culture of struggle, what if we created a corporate culture of nourishment? 

Nourishment happens from the top down in a sustainable thriving business.
— Jeanette Bronée

To have a thriving business, think thriving employees and thriving leaders. We simply cannot thrive without nourishment. We can all agree that a happy employee is the best employee. That is not just about having responsibility, and being able to handle it. Everyday we push to perform, to gain acknowledgement, to matter. What if instead we came to work everyday engaged, active, alert and loved being part of a thriving community where we could give our best, not our all? 

When our corporate culture is to take better care of our people, we build trust, community and care. That is how we thrive, together, nourished.

When the corporate culture is nourishment, everyone wins. Everyone thrives.
— Jeanette Bronée

Work should be a nourishing experience

Over the past decade, I’ve found that going to work everyday is the most challenging for our health. It should not be that way! 

Built on how we relate, interact and make choices and decision I have developed a program for not just the business to take better care of its people, but also a program that gives the employees the 3 key elements essential for self-care and empowerment: Food Knowledge, Mindfulness and Habit-Shifting. The program is built to be a personal program and is based on the result driven 9-step Path for Life Program. It is an online program that functions as a health benefit and support / learning system for each employee with monthly talks and daily inspirational quotes to nourish the individual. 

My mission is to help everyone get healthy, even at work. Rather than focusing on yet another diet, I focus on nourishment because shifts happen by changing our relationship with food and with ourselves.

You may find yourself wondering if different food choices could help you prevent illness, help with an illness that is diagnosed or something you suspect may be going on. Yes, food can help you heal imbalances in your body that have manifested as symptoms, which we commonly call illness and disease. By going to the root of the problem, your body can heal. This work is what I call being a “health detective”. I use an integrative and functional medicine approach to uncover the root cause of an illness so your body can start its own healing process.

the nourished leader

If we don't take care of ourselves and thrive, we cannot lead others to thrive either. Even though time is the new currency, self-care is not where to save time. When a leader is nourished, it encourages an environment of motivation, care, engagement and healthy self-esteem for everyone.

Without nourishment we are pushing forward everyday on survival mode and not only do we suffer, the whole team suffers, and the business does too. 

I meet leaders everyday with failing health, concerns for the future, and slipping vitality because their career is getting the best of them.

What if instead of giving work our all, we could give it our best? 

I help leaders get mindful, nourished and better at leading a nourished team, business and live a thriving work-life without sacrificing their health and their life. We need work-life balance but that is not something we do after work, it is something we need to do at work too. 

the nourished business

Food and lifestyle-related illnesses all affect the business. Tired, foggy, unmotivated employees. Distracted by cravings or pain, inefficient because of mindlessness and irritable and impatient, because of being hungry, low blood-sugar, dehydrated and just simply did not take a break to breathe, stretch or even walk for 5 minutes. I hear it all the time. That is not how our days should be spent and it is not how your business can flourish. 

Food is our most powerful resource and tool for well-being so how can your business support your employees better, create a more nourishing environment that encourages better team-work, more effective and efficient employees, and better relationships that allows the individual to thrive, so your business can thrive too? 

I develop an evaluation of your assets and challenges, suggest how you can instill not just the desire for each employee to take better care of themselves, but also the environment and possibilities for them to actually do so. 

Should your corporate environment not be rich and nourishing so everyone wants to come to work everyday and BE their best? 


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