because our best resource is still the human resource.

I started my own Path for Life when I was 25 to find meaning in my life. When I was 40 and both my parents had died from cancer just 1 year apart, I found the reason why I was seeking meaning.
— Jeanette Bronée

what does hunger have to do with it? 

From the moment we are born, we seek ways to be nourished and feel safe. Our choices at work and in life are based on what we are hungry for. Success, acknowledgement, love... Our WHY might be hidden even from ourselves, but without knowing it we steer in the wrong direction, make the wrong choices, and keep getting stuck in the stress of more.  

When we are under stress our choices are based on instinct, fear, survival principles, and our desire for relief from the pressure. And it doesn't work We cannot cultivate sustainable success without creating sustainable physical and emotional resilience. That takes Nourishment.

The Nourishment Effect

- is an integrative method that creates change. It is how we can come out of stress and start performing and thriving, better.

The principle of Nourishment is that of focusing on growth, abundance, connection and care. Our relationship with food reflects a mindset that either serves us or causes us pain and for most it is not working. And it is one of the most intimate relationships we have because it reflects our relationship with ourselves, our work, our social circles and how we use our mind. 

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