Changing the way I work.

“Jeanette really helped me to take a different look at my life and the way in which I view my body, my mind and the pressures I put myself under.  I suddenly realized I was making mindless decisions about my own being as I strived to over deliver in work, friends, family and life.  Thanks to Jeanette I have rebalanced my actions, I now take time to consider me, mind & body, striving to over deliver me as well as work, friends, family & life.  I have joined a yoga school, I practice mindfulness and I am trying to reframe my approach to food and “treating” myself.  Jeanette really helped me realize the harsh reality about the modern world today that meant I had lost touch with myself.  I am grateful for her sincerity, transparency and pragmatic approach that helped me reconnect and start taking greater care of myself so that I can continue to take better care of everything else!”

Emily, Mash UK