change the question, change the OUTCOME

The Key To A PurposeFUL HUMAN-Driven Culture
That Works Better

We have so many questions every day, most of them unproductive. We find ourselves lost in doubt and distractions, instead of being focused. We wonder if we are doing it right rather than being on purpose. We are confused about how to take better care of ourselves and our relationship with ourselves affects our ability to be better leaders.

The Right Why® is a change in mindset based on how our self-talk affects our focus, experience, energy and outcome. Our unconscious mind is constantly working for us… or against us, depending on what job we give it. The way we ask questions affects what we focus on, what is not working, or how to find a solution.

Asking better questions we can lead ourselves and our people better by unlocking the answers to our human performance, potential, health and happiness, -and create a culture of curiosity and care, that is purpose driven, diverse and inclusive of our core human needs, even AT work.

Attending this event gave me the confidence to encourage others to focus on their health and mental wellbeing. I am now encouraging my colleagues to take breaks to stay fresh and focused.
— Mya Twersky, Associate, Diversified Agency Services

GET UNSTUCK - find purpose & focus at work

We spend so much time focusing on what is not working rather than what we want. The average mind has 50,000 thoughts per day, 90% are repeats from yesterday and 70% of our thinking is focusing on what is not working. 51% are not engaged at work and 16% are actively not engaged. Studies show we are wasting up to 50% of our time every day, not being present. If you then consider that our habits are 95% automatic and mindless, you can see why training our mindset to focus on purpose is essential.

Our challenge to perform at our best, boost productivity and engagement is not about having time, is it about how we spend our time. In a purpose-driven interactive experience I show my audience how to pay attention to what matters and get unstuck by taking charge of what they need to achieve the micro-purposes that we face all day long so we can reach our goals.

Thank you. 
For your wisdom.  
Given in bite sizes.  
With simplicity.  
Not flash or hype with photos and pizazz. 
Rather simple.  With ease. Inviting.  

Which equaled refreshing for me. 
Wise.  Practical. 
Yes, in nourishing bite sizes.  
I felt like I was nibbling on a healthy “Dreamcycle” each day.  

— 🧡🧡 Jeanne

Change from being the inner critic to your own inner coach.

To work better, it is not about pushing harder, it is about knowing what we need so we can be our best self at work. We can train our mindset to find solutions, be innovative and more engaged by using tools from hypnotherapy and mindfulness. When we are working against ourselves we feel broken and we get overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. We can end up depressed and feeling hopeless. When we bring self-care with us to work, train our self-connection, awareness, responsibility and expression we also support ourselves to work better. Asking better questions, we train our mind to “think forward” and we make our self-talk work for us, rather than against us.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity is a given, inclusion is a choice. We all have different needs at work. We all have different challenges. Asking the Right Why® helps leaders be coaches and create a culture that supports everyone in taking better care of their diverse human needs to work. When we have a culture, where our human needs matter, where we feel heard and seen, where our individuality is respected, we can move into a culture that is based on trust and belonging, --a Culture of Care™ where everyone works better.

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