I help companies and their people work better
because our best resource is still the human resource. Let's nourish it.

Jeanette Bronée is an international TEDx & business wellness speaker on the topic of why nourishment matters.

Is your business healthy?

What would healthy feel like? What would better feel like? How much time do you lose every day not feeling great? 

let's come out of stress and create sustainable success. 

Now more than ever, time is currency, but self-care is not where to save time. To achieve ideal personal and organizational health, it is essential to make self-care the foundation for how we perform--at home, at work and on the go. How? hint - through nourishment.

we need to change the way we work because Stress isn't working. 

The way we work in our modern busy lives doesn't work and we are a breaking down from stress and overwhelm. The Nourishment Effect is how we can make a healthy change for good. With "active mindfulness" and "purpose driven habits" we shift our relationship with what we hunger for, what feeds us, and what starves us. We struggle, because the first thing we leave behind on a busy day is ourselves and our basic needs for sustenance, we stop listening to our own needs and our inner wisdom. By learning to pause and listen more, our very own body will help us create the live/work balance that is the daily struggle for most people at work. What if instead of just surviving every day, we could work, perform and thrive, better?

a corporate culture of nourishment is feeding what we are hungry for. 

Nourishment is so much more than just nutrition, it is how we function every day, at work, at home, on the go and in life in general.

The Path for Life Method, developed by Jeanette Bronée, integrates the 3 key essential ingredients to create sustainable change in the way we eat, perform and thrive every day: Food-Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Habit-shifting.

Food-knowledge is a shift from information to wisdom. By learning how food affect us it becomes a tool for us to get out of stress and focus on what we truly want and need, so we can achieve better daily well-being, well-working and performance.

Mindfulness is how we learn to listen more. To pause and ask questions. Questions that create change. It is how we can re-train our mindset from that of starving our dreams, stop working hungry and start focusing on how to create abundance and thrive.

Habit-shifting is how we change from being stuck to being engaged, active and focused. When we feed the natural process of change; the human desire to make progress and grow and our human needs for connection, community and commitment, good change happens and we can create sustainable success.

Our deepest human need is to know ourselves better, that is how we thrive.
— Jeanette Bronée
To work better we need to reconnect with food as both our fuel and our nourishment.
— Jeanette Bronée
We are all born with creativity and we can learn how to nourish it.
— Jeanette Bronée

Jeanette Bronée examines how the relationship between our constantly connected tech-based lifestyle and our disconnected relationship with food, our bodies, ourselves, -and each other is causing us to lose what makes us great.

To be effective leaders, we need nourishment to be the foundation for being busy, so we can come out of stress and work, perform and thrive, -better.
— Jeanette Bronée

Why Book Jeanette to Speak?

Jeanette teaches us how to use mindfulness to change the way we eat, thrive and perform by getting us in touch with our core resources for optimal living; because nourishment is so much more than just nutrition.  

ISN'T IT TIME WE CHANGE THE WAY WE think about performance?



Jeanette is a inspirational business, keynote speaker on the topic of why we need nourishment to perform better and how we obtain personal and organizational health by creating a corporate culture of nourishment. 

She speaks about the challenges we face to change our habits and gives us the tools to learn how to thrive in a busy world. Her approach inspires change in an easy to understand, non-dogmatic way. Her goal is to empower her audience to take charge of their daily wellbeing, performance and future health by changing their relationship with food and become a team with their very own bodies.  

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The Power of Nourishment is a call to awareness that leaves us with a path to action about current issues that everyone should know about nourishment, performance and thriving.

The Nourished Leader, The Nourished Business speaks to the need for change in how we lead, takes care of business and how we can engage employees to take better care of themselves. The culture of struggling needs to change to a culture of nourishment, so we can all work better, live better, perform and thrive, better, every day.


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PAST speaking Events:

TEDx PSUBehrend (PA)
TEDx Unisinos (Brazil)


1Life Fully Lived Conference in Philadelphia PA
CUP USA Conference
WITC (Women in Tele-Communitcation)
Eileen Fisher LIFE/WORK (The Learning Lab) Mindful Living : Why Nourishment Matters (public event) October 27th, 2017 NYC
Eileen Fisher LIFE/WORK (The Learning Lab) Full Day Workshop
NOURISH YOURSELF: Changing Your Relationship with Food to Live the Life You Want ( public event)
WomELLE; Leadership Summit; The Power of Nourishment for Leadership (public event) October 20th, 2017

INBOUND 2017 in Boston
Topic: Nourishment, The Edge You Have Been Looking For.


Eileen Fisher Learning Lab
Mash: The Brand Strategy Studio / London
CUP USA Leadership Program
Davines / Comfort Zone
....among others.

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