inner fuel
the key to our human performance, Happiness & burnout prevention.

Where does true peak-performance come from? No-one plans to burn out, but do we plan for how not to? What do you need to perform at your best? Most don’t know, they don’t even ask, they just keep going. So how do we change the way we work, so we can be at the edge of innovation, instead of the edge of burnout? What if your leaders, your teams and your company culture was working on performance-mode fueled by care and engagement, instead of survival-mode driven by stress and exhaustion? Most cultures do not have healthy work habits, does yours? Can you imagine a culture that supports people in doing their best work, to achieve not only individual peak performance, success and happiness, but also organizational health, talent retention and sustainable success?

A culture of care is…

  • A culture that fuels performance, resilience and sustainable success from the inside out.

  • A culture that feeds innovation and nourishes team-work.

  • A company where people work healthy and go home happy, with energy to spare.

  • A culture that embraces, that the future of work is about how (not if) we integrate work/life values.

  • A thriving culture, that is not about more perks, but about people taking self-care with them to work.

  • A thriving company where leaders, people and teams all work nourished.

  • A culture where we bring our whole self with us to work.

  • A culture of care matters because….

Our human resource is still our most important resource.

Wow wow wow. Jeanette opened my mind up to a whole new way of thinking about how great leaders and great organizations work — through how they fuel their energy and culture. Her approach is backed by science and is something every organization could benefit from.
— Mike Ganino, Culture & Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker and Author of Company Culture for Dummies.

Let's change the way we work & thrive, together.

To do our best work and engage our teams, we need to shift from working on survival-mode and instead fuel our performance, feed our mind and nourish our culture, - from the inside out. 


Fuel performance & culture from the inside out.

The future of work is both exciting and challenging. With the work-environment, technology and employee requirements changing, to keep up we need to change the way we think about performance, our relationship with self-care at work and how we spend our time. Because even though time is the most precious currency we have, self-care does not take time, it gives us time back.


Lead with mindfulness & create a culture of care.

Health and wellbeing today is changing the way we think, engage and act. It is the foundation for creating sustainable success and why leadership self-care is the most essential basic tool for achieving optimal performance, reach our human potential and be a better, more engaging leader.

Your workshop provided strong insights and valuable takeaways to our participants and helped to make our programming that more rich and impactful.
— Richard, CUP Leadership Institute