supPort your people in doing their best work.

Now more than ever, time is currency, but leadership self-care is not where to save time, it is how we master our attention and achieve optimal performance, engaged employees and effective leaders, -without the survival stress and burn-out. 

Our bodies health directly influences our mind’s ability to perform. Yet in our busy lives, it’s easy to neglect what our bodies need. The body and mind work together as a system, and it needs us to be its caretaker so it (and we) can perform at the breakneck speed that is required of us all day long.

How we master stress, focus, mental agility, emotional intelligence and physical wellbeing makes all the difference in how we perform, and it starts with self-care.

Stress is contagious and so is health. 

 It is about time that we change the way we think about performance. 
To work, lead and perform better we need to learn how to master our focus and attention, our energy and our actions, that starts with leadership self-care.

Why Book Jeanette to Speak?

Jeanette teaches us how to use mindfulness to change the way we eat, live, work, thrive and perform by getting us in touch with our core resources for optimal performance. She has been coaching leaders for the past 15 years to use mindfulness and self-care to sharpen their focus, mental resilience and emotional intelligence, to increase their energy and endurance, while also reducing stress.


Jeanette Bronée, CHHC, AADP Founder of Path for Life. Executive Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker, TEDx Speaker and Author. 
Integrative Nutrition and Meta-Medicine Health Coach, Mindfulness and Focusing Teacher.

Jeanette is an inspirational business performance and wellness keynote speaker on the topic of why we need self-care to master our time and perform better. She shows how we can obtain both personal and organizational health by creating a corporate culture of nourishment.  

She speaks about the challenges we face to change our habits and gives us the tools to learn how to thrive in a busy world. Her approach inspires change in an easy to understand, non-dogmatic way. Her goal is to empower her audience to take charge of their self-care, empower their health, master their attention and their time, decrease stress and increase their performance, while still living a nourished life.

Leadership self-care is not what we do after work to recover, it is what we do AT work so we don’t burn out.