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I love having conversations about how we can rethink health and humanize work, take better care of ourselves and fuel peak-performance and work-culture from the inside out, because “the better we eat and take care of ourselves, the more we get done”. To achieve what we crave the most, to have all our human needs met and prevent burnout, create better connections and relationships that help all of us thrive, we must integrate the mindset of self-care into our work/life quality. That and so much more is what my amazing hosts and I have conversations about in these podcasts. I am grateful to my hosts to have the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, tools and experiences with you in this way.

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Jeanette highlights how physical health and emotional, mental, and social well-being affect people’s resilience and performance. She shows how our mindset affects our productivity and why self-care habits at work are essential to creating a human work culture.

One thing is certain - depleted and burned-out individuals can’t create healthy, high-performing, and well-balanced cultures. 

That’s why this conversation is so important and relevant to anyone who hopes to change the culture in their little pocket of the world - whether it’s their team, their organization, or society at large.


Let’s Fix Work with Laurie RuettimaNn

The Intersection Of Wellness, Leadership, And Performance With Jeanette Bronée

In this episode, we talk about the intersection of wellness, well-being, culture, leadership, and performance. In addition, Jeanette shares a poignant story about her mother. She also sweetly talks about her father who was also an executive headhunter. 

If mental illness has touched your life, or you simply want to know how to take better care of yourself, and also want to know what well-being has to do with leadership and performance, I promise you don’t want to miss this episode. Sit back and listen to a special and very human episode of Let’s Fix Work.


Shareables with Jeff Gibbard
A podcast about people & technology

#80: Jeanette Bronee | Foundations For Getting What We Want In Life

In today’s world, many things are changing. We are opening ourselves up to new ways of being mindful, being present, and being engaged in our own lives. This is translating in a million different ways in how we act in life and in work. One thing is for sure, we are waking up. This is exactly what has helped our next guest Jeanette Bronee get to where she is today. We’re talking mindfulness, self-care, and how technology fits into our lives and experiences. This episode is amazing, if we do say so ourselves. Jeanette is deeply passionate about her work, and it shines through in this episode. Take a listen below!


Healthy, Wealthy & Smart with Karen Litzy


On this episode of the Healthy Wealthy and Smart Podcast, I welcome Jeanette Bronée on the show to discuss mindfulness.  Jeanette helps leaders and companies rethink performance by asking the “Right Why®

In this episode, we discuss:
-How to ask the right why to find a way forward
-Practical exercises to ground yourself in stressful situations
-The use of metaphors to describe experiences
-How mindfulness can facilitate change
-And so much more!

“If we can refocus our question, then our unconscious mind will help us find the answer.”

“We find solutions by acknowledging what’s not working and then moving into curiosity.”

“If we don’t pause for a moment, we can’t even listen.”

“We’re not running out of time, we’re running out of focus.”

“We don’t solve problems in a new way under stress, we just repeat what we’ve always done.”

“Our self-talk really creates our experience.”



Change the question, change the outcome - Keynote speaker

Jeanette Bronée was born and raised in Denmark and has always had a curiosity about what drives our choices. She started her first company at 23 and learned first-hand at 25, heading up a team of 50 people, what burnout feels like.

After both her parents died of cancer just 1 year apart, and being told at the age of 40, that it was only a matter of when she was going to get cancer too, she founded PATH FOR LIFE to bring awareness to our own power for taking charge of our health and daily wellbeing, even when we are busy and for the past 15 years she has been coaching leaders on how to create a foundation for sustainable success through mindfulness and self-care.

She’s a keynote & TEDX speaker, author, work nourished strategist and CEO & founder of Path for Life.

Jeanette is a woman that believes the key to our human performance & happiness is our inner fuel.

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