I help leaders create a healthy work culture by asking better question so they can lead themselves and their teams in a way that integrates our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience with peak performance, engagement and sustainable success.

Leadership needs to be on the edge of innovation,
not the edge of exhaustion.

Even though time is the new currency,  leadership self-care does not take time away from us, it gives us time back and it creates a team-culture that is inclusive and diverse, where everyone gets to work better and go home happy with energy to spare. Trust is the foundation for the new leader and we can only access the best of our human skills, when we come out of survival stress and work nourished. 

The Nourished Leader™ leadership coaching, company consulting and team workshops are tailored for both smaller or bigger teams and company keynotes. 

It is how we:

  • Prevent burnout and manage stress

  • Create longterm sustainable peak-performance and success

  • Support mental wellbeing, not just physical health.

  • Spend our time better.

  • Perform better.

  • Create better relationships and grow better teams.

  • Pay attention and focus better.

  • Lead and engage better.

  • Feel, work and perform better, while achieving better physical, emotional and mental health.

  • Create work/life happiness, work/life quality, a thriving culture and sustainable success.

to perform at our best, We need to bring leadership self-care with us to work, because health is the foundation for reaching our goals and better work/life quality.

Most of us have heard so many impractical or contradictory instructions for improving our diets and health that we tune-out everything on the topic. Jeanette knows this and delivers her message in a convincing, supportive, and practical manner. Her compassion and insight prepare the path for altering the attitudes and actions of her audience.

Jeanette knows how to helps us work and live better.
— Tony Mayo, The Business Owner's Executive Coach.

find out how i can help your leaders lead better
- without the burnout.

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