Do you ever get the feeling that you could do so much more, be so much more creative and innovative, be more engaging and motivating, even better at listening and support your team? If you just had the time...

In today's technology driven world we are trying to hack time, to overcome time, but it is not working, because that is not the answer. 

Food is a tool

Food is a tool that helps us reach our full potential. How we eat and take care of ourselves is how we take charge of our health at work. We can boost performance, enhance focus and attention, stabilize mood and create better relationships when we feel at our best. There is so much on our plate every day and we can make it work for us. 

If you are looking to bring a fresh perspective to fueling your team and leaders, then you’ve found the right person in Jeanette.
— Mike Ganino, Culture + Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker and Author of Company Culture for Dummies.


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Health is the new currency. 


The foundation for peak performance is health, but and we put work first and self-care last, we confuse what it means to perform. We consider time to be the new currency, but when we put our attention on optimal performance through well-being at work, we support our body, mind and soul to do our best work every day and spend time better.  

Work/life balance is not what we do after work, it is how we work. It is work/life integration. 


This keynote or workshop is focused on changing the mindset that keeps us stuck in old way of thinking about the way we work, performance, leadership and success and instead learn how to feed, fuel and nourish what supports us in harnessing our full potential and thrive.

Our bodies need us as much as we need them. We are the caretakers, not the other way around.

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mindful leadership

un-stress - how self-care transforms teams.

In our quest for optimal performance, we tend to focus on doing more instead of doing better. We end up burned out, exhausted and stressed. Yet our most important resource is still the human resource and it is a limited one. To thrive, we must focus, not just on individual health, but also organizational health, because a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, and it starts with healthy leadership.


This keynote or workshop is focused on how leadership is changing. To keep up with the edge of innovation and demands from talent to have a corporate culture that feeds and fuels them, the new leader is a mindful leader. One who knows that people work better when they feel seen, heard, valued, safe, -and healthy. 

To work and perform, better, we need to see self-care as the foundation for how we thrive.

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fuel innovation creativity & problem solving

how to create a thriving culture.

Instead of working on the edge of exhaustion, we need to be on the edge of innovation. To access what makes us think ahead, be creative and solve problems better, we need to come out of stress and access our best resources. 

It’s often assumed that people are born with creativity while others are not. Or we have it, but only sometimes. But we’re all born with creativity. The question isn’t how to catch it—it’s how to feed it. 


This talk focuses on how to fuel creativity through health and self-care.

The talk explores how we perform and thrive better in a busy world, where distraction and multi-tasking make us feel productive, yet keep us from being effective and creative. It provides insights to why health and mindfulness matters, and how we can use self-care as a tool to connect and align ourselves with our creativity.

We are all born creative, the question is how we feed it.

It is my focus to provide experiences that are packed with accessible and inspirational take-home tools that spark the desire to feed our hunger for success and fuel our performance, without stress and burnout. The goal is to nourish your work-culture so that everyone will work healthy and go home happy, with energy to spare. Let's create a culture where everyone is thriving. Of course we want that. The question is not if, the question is how. 

Let's focus on what matters, have more fun at work and rock our performance.

We are complex beings and capable of so much, but when we are under stress and not nourished - we focus on one thing only - do what we know will get us out of trouble.