After I was told it was no longer a matter of if I was going to get cancer, it was a matter of when, I decided it was time to take charge of my health and change my destiny. I set out to learn how to master stress, fight disease and more importantly, support my body to feel better and be at my best. Little did I know it would change how I work, perform and thrive in my life every day. How can I help you? 


International Speaker | Performance Strategist | Culture Coach | C-Suite Advisor | Author

Jeanette Bronée is an international keynote and 2 time TEDx speaker, who focuses on how to fuel performance, leadership and culture from the inside out. She believes our most important resource is our humanity and she teaches leaders how to make health and wellbeing the foundation for sustainable personal and company success by using self-care AT work to transform company culture and the way we work. 

After both her parents died of cancer just one year apart and a doctor told her it was only a matter of when she would get cancer, too, she quit her high stress job in the fashion industry to found Path for Life®with the goal of forging a better way to integrate life with work. For the past 15 years, she has coached leaders to take better care of themselves, so they can be both healthy and busy without stress and burn-out.  As a result, her clients learn to be better leaders and live more nourished lives by implementing leadership self-care AT work and build a culture of C.A.R.E. where everyone works better.

Born in Denmark, she holds a master's degree in business development and marketing from Niels Brock Business Academy. She is a certified Integrative Nutrition and Meta-Medicine health coach, a felt sense Focusing trainer, Mindfulness Teacher and Ericksonian Hypno-Therapist. (Don’t worry she doesn’t do tricks.) She founded Path for Life inc. in 2004 to bring awareness to how we can be busy and live healthy at the same time. 

She is the author of “EAT TO FEEL FULL and Nourish Yourself for Good” which encourages people to forget the word “diet” and instead focus on using food and self-care habits as a tool to gain daily and long-term optimal wellbeing, performance and health.

When she is not traveling to speak, consult, coach or teach workshops, she lives in New York City and the Catskills, where she grows veggies, makes dinner with friends, does yoga in the woods, hikes and writes while also continuing to explore how to best create a healthy change in company cultures around the world, so that everyone can thrive.

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Jeanette Bronée is sense-maker and engaging speaker, who creates “ah ha” moments that lead to true understanding of the topics she discusses with motivational “take-home” tools that help her audiences feel both inspired and able to immediately take steps towards better health in their daily lives. 

Jeanette Bronee brings decades of experience helping people transform their lives by accessing their inner wisdom to the stage and breakout sessions through relatable, engaging stories and tactics that leave audiences inspired to make changes. She shares field-tested self-care and health advice that improves your company’s performance for a healthier bottom line.
— Jen Singer. Writer, book and speech coach, speaker.

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