Leadership today needs to be on the edge of innovation, not the edge of exhaustion.  

We get to work and we forget all about ourselves, or we don't have time, or we don't have access to proper food, breaks and pauses to assimilate and digest, not just what we eat, but everything we take in all day. We get on survival mode and the whole team pushes forward. Before the end of the day everyone is tired, irritable and impatient and just looking forward to getting a break. 

Most businesses today have a company culture of survival, where the team goes home at night exhausted and drained. Going home to refuel and retreat, but for most that means overeating, perhaps a drink too many, TV too late into the night, because we long for a little self-time, where we can forget the stress of the day. Then next morning it starts again, getting up tired with only a cup of coffee to get us going.

That is the company culture of struggle, what if we created a company culture of care? Where we could feel great all day, give work our best, and still come home with energy to spare?


I help leaders create a healthy work culture by nourishing themselves and their teams. The Path For Life method is designed to help companies and their people come out of stress and perform better. With food-knowledge, mindfulness and habit-shifting we can create change that has impact on our lives, our health and our work, because nourishment is so much more than just nutrition.

To create sustainable success we need to shift from survival mode to performance mode. It encourages an environment of motivation, care, engagement and healthy self-esteem, for everyone. Without self-care we are pushing forward every day on survival mode and not only do we suffer, our employees and the business does too.

To create a sustainable thriving business, nourishment happens from the top down and health happens from the inside out.

it is time we change how we think about leadership.

I meet leaders every day with failing health, concerns for the future, and slipping vitality because their career is wearing them out. What if we could go to work every day and instead of giving it our all, we give it our best?

Mindful Leadership

Leadership today is relational. People don't leave companies, they leave managers. It is the interaction we have and the trust we create that helps people work better. When someone has your back, supports you in doing your best work, you flourish. That is the leadership role today.

50% of people leave their jobs because of stress, 35% of them leave their jobs because of a stressful relationship with their boss.

I help leaders get mindful about the role of self-care in their own daily performance, so they can lead truly performing teams and live a work-life without sacrificing their health and their life. 

When we work under stress our relationships suffer and we focus on what is right in front of use rather than the big picture. 

When the corporate culture is based on self-care, everyone wins. Everyone thrives.

LET'S lead better 

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