is your company culture healthy?

To thrive we need to bring our humanity, our self-care and our soft-skills to work.

If we don't have a culture of care, we don't have culture. What if your leaders, your employees and your company culture was working on performance mode instead of survival-mode? Can you imagine how a culture of self-care could help your business achieve not only individual health, but also organizational health? Imaging a culture that, instead of creating more stress, creates more innovation and creativity, focused attention, productivity and team-work. A company where people work healthy and go home happy. 

Wow wow wow. Jeanette opened my mind up to a whole new way of thinking about how great leaders and great organizations work — through how they fuel their energy and culture. Her approach is backed by science and is something every organization could benefit from.
— Mike Ganino, Culture & Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker and Author of Company Culture for Dummies.

Work should not be unhealthy and company wellness has never been more important. To perform we push harder and harder to do more and more and in order to keep up with the pace at work, we put ourselves last. The challenge for the modern leader is to support people in doing their best work. Too many companies are struggling with a culture running on stress, leadership fatigue, team-disengagement, burnout and talent-loss, instead of a culture that is built on health, where people feel they matter and want to engage. A culture that nourishes trust and a safe environment for everyone to thrive. 

With the work-environment, technology and employee requirements changing, we need to change the way we think about performance, our relationship with self-care at work and how we spend our time so we can change the way we work and shift from working on survival-mode and instead fuel our performance, feed our mind and nourish our culture, - from the inside out. 

Your workshop provided strong insights and valuable takeaways to our participants and helped to make our programming that more rich and impactful.
— Richard, CUP Leadership Institute

Let's change the way we work, because our human resource is still our best resource. 

International TEDx & keynote human performance and mindful leadership speaker and executive health coach, Jeanette Bronée, is changing the way we work. By focusing on how we make health and wellbeing the foundation for creating sustainable success and why leadership self-care is the essential tool for achieving optimal performance and reach our human potential, she helps leaders and companies create a company culture of care so that everyone thrives. 

I help your leaders & your company fuel performance, harness potential, engage teams and build and healthy company culture of care, from the inside out. 

With an inspiring simplicity, she makes us reflect on our habits and motivates us to care and commit to ourselves.
— Gabriela, TEDx Unisinos

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