Company wellness has never been more important, because time is the new currency and self-care is how we spend it better. 

International TEDx & keynote human performance and leadership speaker and coach, Jeanette Bronée, is changing the way we work by focusing on how we make health and wellness the foundation for creating sustainable success and why leadership self-care is the essential tool for achieving optimal performance and reach our human potential.

We need to change the way we work,
because our human resource is still our best resource. 

Who is taking care of your business?

Are your employees tired, foggy, unmotivated?  Are you seeing inefficiency and mindless mistakes? Are leaders irritable and impatient because they’re stressed, hungry, low blood-sugar, dehydrated?  Are teams unproductive and mentally exhausted because they were not able to take a break in order to stretch, walk for 5 minutes, or even remember to breathe? 

You know the signs! It is a business run in survival mode and burnout is just around the corner. 

is your company culture healthy?

What if your leaders, your employees and your company culture was run in performance mode instead? Can you imagine how a culture of self-care could help your business achieve not only individual health, but also organizational health? A culture that, instead of creating more stress, creates more innovation and creativity, focused attention, productivity and team-work. 

The challenge we face today is that talent is burning out and leaving, performance is running on 50% because we are suffering from stress and distractions, and our emotional health is hanging on to the edge of exhaustion, when really we should be on the edge of innovation and performance should be about thriving. 

Let's stop stress from running your company.

And it’s no wonder. Under stress, we are driven by instinct rather than inspiration, causing us to not only lose our attention and ability to do good work, but we also lose touch what makes us happy and healthy. Instead, we focus on what is (or seems) urgent instead of what is important. As a result, we don’t work better, just harder. As we ignore our inner fuel and the WHY that drives us, we lose out on optimal performance and instead, we struggle just trying to keep up with time, not realizing that the time we are running out of, is our very own. 

Let's stop running on fumes, driven by stress and anxiety. Let's grow instead of burning out and let's create a culture where everyone is thriving.  

Leadership self-care doesn't take time away from our daily performance, it supports our daily performance by giving us time back.  It is the foundation for sustainable success for everyone. 

Self-care is what we do AT work so we don't burn out.

With an inspiring simplicity, she makes us reflect on our habits and motivates us to care and commit to ourselves.
— Gabriela, TEDx Unisinos


Your workshop provided strong insights and valuable takeaways to our participants and helped to make our programming that more rich and impactful.
— Richard, CUP Leadership Institute

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