rethink performance & CULTURE FROM THE INSIDE OUT to create better results & sustainable success by supporting our most important resource -- our human resource.

Why is it unthinkable to lose our jobs because of health, but it’s still acceptable to lose our health because of our jobs? Let's change that and reclaim our humanity at work.

The why I speak

When we leave our humanity at the door when we go to work, we leave behind our most important resource for success. When we supports our physical, emotional, mental, and social needs at work we create a culture change, from working on survival-mode to a purpose-driven culture, where health, trust and belonging is the foundation for people working better, together.

THE WHAT happens = change and results

A care-driven culture integrates tech and humanity and fuels high-performing teams, engagement and motivation from the inside out. It is inclusive, curious, bold, courageous, motivating, engaging and empathetic because it supports people in accessing their inner fuel and bringing their best selves to work, without losing their health. This is how we can achieve, not only individual peak performance, creativity, success and happiness, but also organizational health, innovation and talent retention.

The how I work

I teach my audience how to ask better questions, so they can take charge of their health and daily well-being, unlock the answers to peak-performance, engagement and sustainable success, and lead themselves and their people, better.

I work with people-driven companies, who are looking to prevent burnout, remain competitive and attract the best talent in today's work environment as well as companies concerned with diversity and inclusion, since health and mental well-being is fast becoming a concern for workplace culture. It is time we change the way we work, because our human needs matter.

Imagine a company culture of pausing, what could change?

Wow wow wow. Jeanette opened my mind up to a whole new way of thinking about how great leaders and great organizations work — through how they fuel their energy and culture. Her approach is backed by science and is something every organization could benefit from.
— Mike Ganino, Culture & Employee Engagement Keynote Speaker and Author of Company Culture for Dummies.
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create a culture of c.a.r.e. where people work better.

  • A culture that fuels performance, resilience and sustainable success from the inside out.

  • A culture that feeds innovation and nourishes team-work.

  • A culture that is inclusive and diverse, because we all need different things to thrive.

  • A company where people work healthy and go home happy, with energy to spare.

  • A culture that embraces, that the future of work is about how (not if) we integrate work/life values.

  • A thriving culture, that is not about more perks, but about people taking self-care with them to work.

  • A thriving company where leaders, people and teams all work nourished.

  • A culture where we bring our whole self with us to work.

  • A culture of care matters because….

culture is about people, not perks,
and self-care at work is the foundation for cultivating a culture where people work better.

It was a great pleasure to have you with us at PLENAE.
I really appreciated your speech as well as your ideas as a whole, thank you very much and I hope to see you again soon.
— Sincerely, Abilio

Let's change the way we work & grow, together

Broken cultures break companies so let’s change the way we work so we can all work better. To bring our best self to work, engage people and ignite our team-culture, we need to shift from working on the edge of burnout and survival-mode to working on peak-performance and a purpose-driven people-centered culture mode

Let’s make sure your company has the framework and strategies, that support your people in working better.


Fuel performance & culture from the inside out

With the work-environment, technology and employee requirements changing, to keep up we need to change the way we think about performance, our relationship with self-care at work and how we spend our time. We don’t go to work to make money, we go to work to matter and pursue our purpose. What do your people need so they can work healthy and go home happy with energy to spare?

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The nourished leader™
Lead with care

Health and wellbeing is changing the way we work and why leadership self-care is the most essential basic tool for achieving optimal performance, reach our human potential and be a better, more engaging leader. When we focus on the goal, rather than the process of achieving our goals, we become human doings running on automatic and burnout mode, instead of human beings, driven by humanity, innovation, creativity and empathy.

Your workshop provided strong insights and valuable takeaways to our participants and helped to make our programming that more rich and impactful.
— Richard, CUP Leadership Institute

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